General Description
Coppa 2 delivers air purification and virus protection with its intelligent technology with antimicrobial, copper-
containing and 3-fold certified filter material to protect family and employees.

The Coppa 2 air filter consists of a 100% synthetic filter that is free of pollutants and free of glass fibre.

The Coppa 2 filters the suspended solids from the air, with a capacity of 99.9%. The filter performance is thus
significantly higher than that of an FFP2 protective mask. The additionally integrated copper fleece reliably deactivates all viruses and bacteria.
The Coppa 2 air filter impresses with low-noise day and night operation for room sizes up to 60 m². Simple and safe handling with minimal energy consumption is ensured by the EC technology.
Synthetic filters and filter material containing copper work together to create healthy and clean air even indoors and with its large surface area, the copper filter reliably deactivates viruses and bacteria.

Features and Advantages

•Improved health protection due to significant reduction of viruses and bacteria by means of a HEPA filter with 99.9% separation
•The copper filter deactivates viruses and bacteria and has received certification from multiple institutions
•- ISO18184:2019-06 (viruses)
-DIN EN ISO 20743:2001-12 (bacteria)
-DIN EN 14119:2003-12 (micro fungi)

•Effectively filters out allergens, harmful gases, particulates (PM2.5), odours and bacteria
•Effectively reduces harmful gases such as VOCs, formaldehyde and odours
•Three fan speeds
•Programmable present running time
•Filter change indicator
•Manual mode, Auto mode, Sleep mode, temperature and humidity measurement
•Child-proof mechanism
•Real-time display of PM2.5 value
•Wi-Fi control
•UV light can additionally be activated; no evidence of harm if used correctly
•Air flow: 450 m3/h
•Dimensions: 35 x 35 x 74 cm

Coppa 2 Air Purifier

VAT Included